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Can You Spot the Spot Tee?

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Even though the Mystery Spot T-shirt is only available in very limited quantities, it still manages to turn up in the most unusual and far-flung places. Don’t be surprised if you spot the familiar red and white logo while surfing on a remote beach in Mexico, or trekking in Burma, or checking out the bands at Jazzfest in New Orleans.

Our friends and customers always make a point to pack along their Spot tee when they travel the world and send us photos of themselves hither and yon. The next time you set off on an adventure, be sure to bring along a Spot tee, and send us a snapshot for the blog!

Mystery Spot tee spotted at Jazzfest in New Orleans on killa singer Ambrosia Parsley.

Pilar, Eusebio, Mariana and Sofia on the beach just outside Zihautanejo, Mexico.

Here's Madrilena Mariana's drawing (from memory!) of her family a la Spot.

Eva and her Spot tee emerge from the reeds along the shore in East Hampton.

Kai rocks the Spot tee in Phoenicia.

Randomness #8

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Record Store Day 25% off sale on all vinyl at The Spot

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

One of the perks of our music industry-related background is the insider access we have to some mighty fine and unusual vinyl collections. Here’s a small sampling pulled from a random box, all of which were put out on our shelves last weekend. All of these records (not to mention the other couple of thousand records in the Mystery Spot record room) will be 25% off  this Saturday, April 21 as we celebrate Record Store Day.

So head on up (or down) to Phoenicia, NY this Saturday and start digging!

Not Your Usual Garden Variety Gardening Hats

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Nothing gets a vintage lover’s heart racing faster than stumbling across an untouched stash of New Old Stock anything. In this case, the stock was a stack of jaw-dropping 1940s Swisona farmers’ and gardening woven palm straw hats, NWT (New With Tags).

But it gets better – just look at these hats! The jackalope is wearing our favorite of the bunch, a Jackson Pollock style gardening hat decorated with random speckled paint colors,  circled and edged with a sweet floral feedsack fabric ribbon. Just beyond beyond.

Paper label reads:

Hand Woven Palm - In Rain or Shine


This New Hat will Look FRESH and New LONGER


These came out of an old general store in Phoenicia, NY. Never touched, never worn, still with the original paper tags. Originally priced at 89 cents.

The Mystery Spot has a few left at $28. – 35. each. Come on by! We’re open Saturdays this spring and for the Memorial Day Weekend. Extended days and hours this summer.

An Ode to the Trout

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Trout fishing season in the Catskills opens today, April 1st. The Esopus Creek, one of the best trout streams in the world, runs right through the center of the village of Phoenicia.

We hereby present our small tribute to the beautiful and mighty trout. (*Please catch and release – thank you!).

This sweet book from 1951, Tommy Trout by R.W. Eschmeyer, is one of a set published by Fisherman Press that we picked up at a yard sale last year. The other books in this True-To-Life Stories series are Billy Bass, Freddy Fox Squirrel, Bob White, Bobby Bluegill, and Charley Cottontail.

We love these books so much we do not plan to catch and release any of them – sorry!

Here’s another favorite from our personal collection…a hand-knit 1950s Cowichan style sweater depicting a trout in mid-jump.

Love in in the Air at the Mystery Spot!

Friday, March 30th, 2012

We love our customers! Our vintage Hudson’s Bay blanket coat ($60.) is off to a new home, as are a vintage red and white striped satin jockey’s cap ($10.), sterling silver bee pin ($28.), a vintage plaid Western shirt ($27.), 1940s stacked heel shoes ($22.), a spring flowered hat ($12.) and a couple of scarves ($4.@). Thanks to this wonderful foursome of Woodstock’s finest chefs/baristas/waitresses and fruit sellers, Anna, Siobhan Schneiderman, J.R., and Will Lytle.

Fungus documenting a 1924 climb to the top of the Hunter Mountain Observatory

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Every now and then we find a true treasure in a house contents call. Plucked from the destiny of the dumpster was this tree fungus memorializing a special summer day in the Catskill Mountains eighty-five years ago.

This tells the date of the EVENTFUL CLIMB of mother (Belle Schumer) Aug. 29, ’24.

Started – 10:30
Reached Top – 4:30
Arrived home – 6:30

Glorious day – glorious time – glorious view. Mom is haps.

J.m. Schumer
Leo Jacobs
David Melvin
Rebecca Cohen
Miss Cohen*

*and a few other names we can’t make out.

(These fungi are called “Artist’s Fungus” because you can scratch on them with a stick and the image is burned into the surface permanently. People still draw on them to this day, and for that matter, people still hike to the Catskills’ fire towers to take in the mountain views.

Randomness #7

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Moon over the Mystery Spot

Mystery Spot Gift Certificates on Sale! Save 10% off Face Value

Saturday, November 19th, 2011
Get a Mystery Spot Gift Certificate at 10% off Face Value between now and Christmas Eve!

We’re pleased to announce we’re now offering all-purpose gift certificates. They’re good for any purchase at The Spot. Yes, even if we have an advertised sale, you can still use them!

To sweeten the pot, between now and Christmas Eve, we’re offering gift certificates at 10% off face value. In other words, a $100. gift certificate will only cost $90.

The perfect holiday gift for your friends and family who love antiques, vinyl and vintage clothing. They’re even good for artwork.

Or just get one for yourself! Available in any denomination your little heart desires.

Come into The Mystery Spot any weekend between now and Dec. 24th to pick up your gift certificate and check out the ever-changing landscape of vintage goodness on display. And thank you for supporting your friends, neighbors, and small business owners this holiday season.

Columbus Day Weekend Blow-Out Sale!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Come on down to Mystery Spot Antiques this Columbus Day Weekend for our biggest sale of the season. The leaves are changing, the Catskills air is fresh, the sun is shining, AND it’s time for our annual blow-out sale!

Everything in the store is on sale. Yes, this is the big one.

Everything is 20% off!
Even better, all vinyl records and vintage winter coats are 30% off!

sale hours:
Saturday Oct. 8 (11 – 5)
Sunday Oct. 9 (11 – 5)
Monday Oct. 10 (11 – 4)