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The Northampton Art-Loving Crew Comes to Visit

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Here at the Mystery Spot we not only sell vintage items of all kinds, but we manage to slip in the occasional painting, print or photograph of mine. We have a few pieces on the wall, and keep a box of prints under the counter for those who request them.When Byron Coley and Lili Dwight and Rob Carey and June Price all came down from Massachussetts to visit us, little did we know they were on an art-buying reconnaissance mission.

Lili had had her eye on my Red-Winged Blackbird painting from seeing it on my website, and June was determined not to leave without a bird print.

Everyone left happy!

Getting Ready for the Season with Fairy Dust Magic!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

There’s always a bit of fluffing and folding that has to be done before we fling open the doors of the Mystery Spot for our new (in this case,  ninth) season. Lucky for me I’ve got a wonderful Fairy God-Daughter, Eva, who, along with her mom Sylvia and friend Nicole, thought a girl’s day at the Mystery Spot would be just the ticket! And of course I can’t resist any opportunity to spend time with Eva.

Eva and Nicole dove right in, straightening the tops and dresses in the vintage women’s clothing room….

….hanging items on the Vintage Bargain Five Dollar Rack on the porch….

…and organizing all the vintage sweaters by color.

Even Sylvia joined the fun, folding up our avalanche of hand-made 1960s granny-square cozy afghans into some sort of semblance of presentability.

Thanks, girls!