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Mystery Spot Theme Song by Half Japanese’s David Fair

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Several years ago I received an email from David Fair of the band Half Japanese introducing himself (though of course I knew who he was!).  We began a fun correspondence and he sent me all sorts of surprise packages of his amazing paper cuttings, music and, one day…..a Mystery Spot theme song which he wrote, played, sang and recorded! It’s totally awesome, and you can hear it here:

Mystery Spot Theme Song by David Fair

Walkin' the Floor Over You.

It turns out that when he renovated his kitchen he decided to forgo the usual linoleum floor for something much more personal and creative. He downloaded images of artwork and photos that he liked from the internet and printed them out into eight by eight inch squares. Added to that a bunch of family snapshots. (And for some reason, lots of pictures of ventriloquists’ dummies). All in all he made 1098 tiles which he glued to the floor and covered with seven coats of polyurethane. I was honored to be included in his floor – he’s got several of my pieces there, which he and his family walk over all day long. If you look closely, you can probably spot some of your favorite artists.

Those are a couple of my birds in the middle.

David, Pam and Harper drove up to Phoenicia from Maryland to pay a visit to the Mystery Spot.

David Fair and his brother Jad Fair (the other half of Half Japanese) have a new show of their paper cuts which opened this weekend at the wonderful gallery Yard Dog in Austin, Texas. We highly recommend you check it out if you’re in the Austin area – or just check out the link for a nice display of some of the pieces, which can be ordered online.

Memorial Day Weekend = Our Idea of Heaven

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

For is it that last weekend in May that the annual yard sale, church rummage sale, Boy Scout sale, estate sale and flea market season gets fully underway in the Catskills. Not to mention some great small town parades. At the first ring of the alarm clock at some ungodly hour at the break of dawn (usually on the Friday of) the dedicated have gulped down their coffee, made sure to pack lots of small bills, and head off to the races.

A must-see is the annual church rummage on Route 28 in Shokan.

"And....they're off!"

The church hall was especially loaded with treasures this season.

This little fella caught our eye, but turns out he was NFS.

We’re convinced that the entire village of Phoenicia puts on its wonderful Memorial Day Parade every year simply to announce that yard sale season has begun. One of the perks of having a storefront on Main Street? They march right past our front door!

Location, location, location.

A bevy of beauties cheers on the parade under the watchful eye of The Sportsman's Davy Crockett.

Spotted at The Spot (Memorial Day Weekend Edition)

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Now that we’re open for the season (did we mention it’s our tenth?) things are hopping at Le Spot. Come meet some of our Memorial Day Weekend visitors….

Hubba hubba! This vintage 1950s Betty Grable Hawaiian print sarong bombshell swimsuit ($60). has been patiently biding its time on the racks, waiting for the right girl to try her on and snap her up. And who should walk into the Spot this weekend but Jen Storch, a barista at Fort Defiance in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Bullseye! Wear it well, Jen — you rock it! (Speaking of rock, did we also mention that Jen sings and plays drums in her band, Flower Orgy?).

Felipe Flores is 19 and has been living in the Catskills for the past year as an exchange student from Chile. He simply had to have this vintage Polaroid Sonar One-Step Pronto camera (with all attachments and case), and for $28. American, it was his! Felipe plays the guitar and the euphonium, is planning to study photography and the visual arts.

Our old pal Bill Adler from the Def Jam/RUSH days and his lovely family drove up to Phoenicia to finally see what the whole Mystery Spot thing was about. Bill got lost for hours in the vinyl room, finally emerging with this Garnet Mimms album ($8). and a stack of singles for his famous Xmas mix-tapes that a few lucky souls receive every year. Sara Moulton is a world-famous chef and all-around sweetheart. She went right for the cookbook section and picked out one with a title that she couldn’t resist: “A Pinch of This and a Dash of That.” Daughter Ruthie selected the first of what we hope will be a continued and lifelong art collection for her wall, our portrait of Bjork from 1991. We’re truly honored that she chose one of our pieces to start off her collection.

We love meeting fellow vinyl dealers, especially when they give our shop two thumbs’ up. Jann and Tom have a record store in Rochester, NY called The Bop Shop, which, according to our young cousin Nick, who lives in Rochester and is somewhat of a music maven, is “sweeeeet.” Their score at the Mystery Spot: Dr. John’s Gumbo ($20., minty-mint) and a jazz record I can’t quite make out from the photo (Norman Blake, Vassar Clements, et. al.).