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Mystery Spot Secret Porch Show & 25% off Record Sale this weekend!

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Secret Special Mystery Guest(s) Front Porch Show! Sunday, July 21st at 3 PM
25% off Record Sale all weekend long!

Our Record Room model Sally Harkin, age fourteen.

As part of our free Music for Front Porches series, we’re thrilled to present a very special, very secret mystery guest porch show this Sunday, July 21st, at 3 PM. But we can’t tell you who it is until Saturday.

Two of our favorite musicians will be performing a handful of songs together on this summer afternoon. The show will be short and sure to be sweet! Please check our Facebook page or blog, or call us on Saturday for the big reveal. Or just take your chances and come on down. You’ll be happy you did!

Meantime, we’re throwing a big ol’ 25% sale on all of our vinyl. You’ve seen our record room. You know our record room. Fans of our record room include Yo La Tengo, Rodney Crowell, Laura Cantrell, Dean Wareham, Britta Phillips, Tommy Ramone, Karen O, Michael Gira and Richard Thompson. It’s pretty darn awesome. Everything round, vinyl, shellac and playable will be 25% off Saturday and Sunday.

Some of our previous Music for Front Porches free matinee performances have featured Mercury Rev and Dean + Britta, Laura Cantrell, Gail Anne Dorsey, Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan (Uncle Monk), Alessi’s Ark, Ambrosia Parsley and Holly Miranda, to name just a few.

Don’t forget to also check out Dittypalooza!,our series of Mystery Ditties, original releases written and performed just for the Mystery Spot, about the Mystery Spot. Artists include Steve Wynn, Holly Miranda, Ambrosia Parsley, Alessi’s Ark and Uncle Monk. We’ve got more surprises in the can, including Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) and David Fair (Half Japanese). All free to download!

Richard Thompson checks out our Record Room

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Legendary British folk/rock musician Richard Thompson, OBE, stopped by Mystery Spot Antiques in Phoenicia the other day to do some vintage vinyl digging. He ended up with a very nice stack of records. It was great to see our old friends RT and his wonderful wife Nancy Covey, Simon, and Annalise, who are up in the Catskills this week for guitar camp (Frets and Refrains) at the Full Moon Resort, and a show at the Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock this Friday. (If the concert isn’t yet sold out, run, don’t walk to get tickets to what will be an amazing show).

Richard Thompson checks out the vintage records at The Mystery Spot in Phoenicia, NY

Our history with Richard goes way back, to the cover artwork we painted for his album Rumor and Sigh in 1991…

"Rumor & Sigh" cover artwork by Laura Levine

…to even further back, when we shot this photograph of Richard and Linda Thompson when they were promoting Shoot Out the Lights in 1982.

Richard and Linda Thompson, NYC, 1982. Photo © Laura Levine.

In Solidarity with Record Store Day – all vinyl 25% off!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

The Mystery Spot's Record Room in the Catskills

In solidarity with Record Store Day (#rsd13), Mystery Spot Antiques is having a big ol’ record sale – 25% off ALL records in the shop, Saturday April 20th ONLY. We’re stocking our record room with fresh vintage vinyl (and even some shellac!) and you’ll get a sneak peek at some of the other vintage goodness we’ve been bringing in all winter.

Love old vinyl? Love upstate New York? Love the Catskills? Love Woodstock? Love Phoenicia? This is your day!

25% off sale on all records
Saturday April 20th
11AM – 5PM
(we will NOT be open on Sunday)

We’ll soon be open most weekends for pre-season buyers (always check with us first if coming from a distance), and we’ll have expanded hours once we “officially” re-open for the season on Memorial Day Weekend.

P.S. **HELP WANTED**  We’re looking for someone special (and super-reliable) to work at the shop several days a week all summer long. (Over 24, please)

P.P.S. although we are not officially affiliated with Record Store Day, we stand in solidarity with our vinyl-loving brothers and sisters.

Some recent vintage arrivals to the Mystery Spot

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Here, in no particular order, is a random assortment of some recent vintage arrivals to Mystery Spot Antiques. Now open Saturdays and Sundays for the fall season in the beautiful village of Phoenicia, NY.

Vintage eggbeaters, $5. apiece. That's just crazy!

Mid-century Walter Von Nessen double bulb swing-arm desk lamp, original shade (works great)

Vintage Woolrich red and black plaid wool hunting jacket, with 1970's NRA and deer patches. (Size 42).

TEX WILLIAMS "Smoke Smoke Smoke," BOBBY CHARLES, and lots more vintage vinyl.

Vintage Eighties Keith Haring buttons, three bucks apiece.

1931 Fly Spray Champion loving cup trophy, J.R. Watkins Company.

More cowbell.

Vintage zither with rose, and Schmidt autoharp.

Cool customer catch-up!

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

As usual, we’re a little behind posting photos of some of the cool customers who’ve come to Phoenicia and stopped by Mystery Spot Antiques this summer. (We’re a little more together over on our Facebook page).

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite people who’ve walked through our doors, and the vintage stuff they bonded with:

Earlier this summer a benevolent and mysterious stranger left a box of vintage 1940’s handmade roller skating costumes on our doorstep. Our friend and long-time customer Veronica Varlow popped in the other day and was kind enough to give one of them a spin for the Mystery Spot camera. “Danger Dame” Veronica is a woman of many talents: burlesque dancer, pin-up model, actress, producer and performance artist. When not doing her famous feathered fan dance or fire play for devoted audiences around the world (next stop, South America!), she’s writing a book which is be sure to be a bestseller.

So…about those Forties roller skating costumes. They appeared on our doorstep one random day this summer, six or seven of them neatly folded in a box. Slightly worse for wear from many years of storage, but nothing we couldn’t fix with a little bit of Biz and a long hot soak. Tucked inside the box of costumes was a faded black-and-white snapshot. We have no idea who these lovely ladies are, but a couple of the very same dresses pictured (all with matching knickers!) are now at The Spot. They were obviously (and lovingly) sewn by hand – no doubt by the young women themselves, or perhaps one of their mothers.

Remember that insane mystery lamp we posted photos of a while back? Well, it found a new home! John Lovett, a visual artist, musician (Candidate), sound artist (Lovett/Codagnone), sculptor & more, and Rodrigo DaSilva, a bartender at The Monster, scored bigtime at the Mystery Spot, picking up a cut paper silhouette ($27.), a Big Ben alarm clock with an ascending alarm ($27.), burl wood corkscrew ($18.), and….yes! our favorite mystery lamp! ($75.). Come back again soon, guys!

Brother and sister Frankie (10) and Martina (7) had a blast checking out this vintage red sparkly marching band hat ($35.) and 1960s purple lucite hippie sunglasses ($20.). Frankie says this is the “awesomest store ever!” Oh, and he also says, “relax!

Speed and stealth are good qualities to have when planning a serious shopping excursion to The Spot. We’d literally brought this utterly mod, darling 1960s Made in Hong Kong Carnaby Street style psychedelic vinyl umbrella ($35.) into the shop moments earlier when young Miranda here snapped it up to send to her friend who just started college in rainy old England. What a perfect gift indeed!

We first met Wade Oates, founder and former member of the Virgins, when he was still in his mama’s belly (at his East Village drag queen baby shower) and what a fine young man he’s grown up to be. Internationally acclaimed rock star, fashion model, and Mystery Spot connoisseur. Wade humors us with a little Mexican two-step in a vintage embroidered mariachi outfit (trousers not pictured, but yeah, we have the whole kit & kaboodle). (Photo by Grace Grant)

You’d never guess from this demure pose, but our good friend Ava (age 11) is nicknamed “Piranha” by her basketball refs. She plays point guard and power forward and is the top scorer on her team!

Ava styled herself in a sweet pink cotton 50’s day dress ($24.), 40’s brown velvet hat ($25.), 50’s brown felt handbag ($35.) and is deeply engrossed in SUMMER OF SURPRISE, plucked from the shelves of our book room, Homer’s Books d’Arte.

Remember the days when “sensitive” materials were mailed in a plain brown paper wrapper? Well, we sure do, and this lovely duo of graphic designers (he for Sacred Bones Records, she for the New Yorker) zeroed in on a prize: THE IDEAL SEX LIFE, bundled with the profusely illustrated PICTURE STORIES OF THE SEX LIFE OF MEN AND WOMAN, both still gently nestled in the plain brown wrapper they were mailed in. ($28.) (And don’t worry Mrs. XXX on the address label, we won’t blow your cover, even if the package was postmarked in 1940.)

David Correll and Sarah Ferretti also picked up a cast iron gooseneck reading lamp ($45.), a framed Victorian print of what looks to be a dying child ($40.), and several other vintage doo-dads.

Oh, also, David says to tell you that he likes cats with hats.

Summertime at the Mystery Spot!

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Phoenicia’s been hopping this summer and here at The Mystery Spot we’ve had – as usual – the friendliest, most fascinating – and when it comes to having their photo taken, extremely cooperative – group of customers. We’ve taken a ton of photos, so do keep checking back as we try our best to post them as fast as we can.

Meantime, a small sampling of summertime fun….

Our dear friend Nancy Covey (Mrs. Richard Thompson to you!) finds a hidden gem in our record room – a mint copy of ROCK ON by THE BUNCH. This 1972 album features members of Fairport Convention including Sandy Denny and of course, Richard Thompson. 

Nancy and Richard are up in the Catskills all week, where RT is teaching master guitar classes at music camp at the Full Moon Resort. And he, Teddy Thompson, Martin Simpson, Sloan Wainwright, and Happy Traum are playing a very sold out show at the Bearsville Theater tonight.

MTV music coordinator/music blogger Eric Weiner (The Wild Honey Pie) and printmaker/textile archivist Sarah Heinemann celebrated their first anniversary with a trip to Phoenicia and of course, The Mystery Spot! Their vintage scores included a weiner dog planter ($8.), a ceramic squirrel-and-acorn Colorado ashtray ($6.), and a handful of unusual old b/w snapshots ($1 – 3 each).

Say hello to our new friend Zoe! Zoe is five years old. Her favorite thing is her kitten Munchkin, and she also likes lions a lot. For months she’s been coming by the Spot when we’ve been closed and coveting this Sixties big-eyed puppy on a cross-section of a log ($12.) that we’ve had in our window. FINALLY we were open and her mom bought it for her, along with this awesome 1970s vintage prairie dress ($20.). Come back again soon, Zoe!

Jon and Larissa Velez-Jackson score a nice pile o’ vinyl, from Jerry Lee Lewis to Miles Davis, Cal Tjader to Waylon Jennings. This creative Brooklyn-based couple (he’s an editor at The Week, she’s a choreographer), also known as Twitta and Papi Jon - yes, we checked out their cool website! - has a band together called Yackez. Yo!

….and the hits keep coming! Bart Higgins and sunglass designer Grant Krajecki share a few selections from the stacks of vinyl they each picked up this weekend. (Nina Hagen, Chuck Berry, Chaka Khan, Dr. John, and lots and lots of Loretta Lynn).

Record Store Day vintage vinyl sale this Saturday

Friday, April 20th, 2012

This Saturday, April 21st only!

Record Store Day 25% off sale on all vinyl at The Spot

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

One of the perks of our music industry-related background is the insider access we have to some mighty fine and unusual vinyl collections. Here’s a small sampling pulled from a random box, all of which were put out on our shelves last weekend. All of these records (not to mention the other couple of thousand records in the Mystery Spot record room) will be 25% off  this Saturday, April 21 as we celebrate Record Store Day.

So head on up (or down) to Phoenicia, NY this Saturday and start digging!

A Look Back at a Year of Hitting the Spot (Part 1)

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

My goodness, we’ve been remiss in keeping you, dear reader, updated on this year’s Mystery Spot action, and for that we most sincerely apologize. We’ve had some wonderful customers come through our doors. We took a lot of snaps, but never got around to posting them. So without further ado, here they are!

The Most Beautiful Family Award goes to artist Sandra Spannan, musician Tony Jarvis, Kaya and Fiona, displaying some of their Mystery Spot purchases and all-around warmth and sweet vibes.

Amy Griffin makes awesome dog sweaters, as modeled by the bodacious Bella. She’s strictly vinyl (no iPod for her!) and was thrilled to stock up on a pile o’ platters, including The Incredible String Band (promo!), Talking Heads, John Hartford, The Best of Chad and Jeremy, and our favorite, An Evening in Sapsucker Woods ($5 – 20). You can see more of Bella’s sweaters over at Amy’s wonderful Etsy shop.

Filmmaker Bill Spice and Departures Magazine Style Editor Tasha Green came to Phoenicia to celebrate their third anniversary (congrats, kids!) and we’re so happy they stopped by. Rest assured they did not leave empty-handed: purchases included this killer pair of 1960s flower lamps with pleated shades (each flower lights up individually in addition to the main light! $100. for the pair); a stack of C&W records, a pin, a scarf, and two books of note: C.G. Jung, Symbols of Transformation ($30.), and The Film Maker’s Guide to Pornography ($14.). Tasha wanted us to know that the Mystery Spot is “the store of my dreams.” (Thanks, Tasha!).

Alan, age three, lines up our Yellow Submarine action figures in a very orderly fashion. He told us he was born in a place “where all the hippies loved me.” (His parents drove nineteen hours so he could be born in a log cabin at The Farm, a midwifing commune in Summertown, Tennessee).

WGXC 90.7 DJ Hank Flick (“Lunar Moss”) scores a Francoise Hardy album for $11.25 at our 25% off Record Store Day sale (among other vinyl finds, from Harry Nilsson to Richard Lloyd). The album had just been brought into the shop hours earlier. The early bird gets the worm!

Photographers Natty Koper and Sivan Savach are pleased as punch with their Mystery Spot haul. Their finds included an art deco metal polish tin ($4.), 1964 World’s Fair tray ($4.), collapsible camera flash attachment reflector thingie ($5.), 1930s Gilbert microscope in case ($18.), old striped thermos ($6.) and partial stereoscope viewer ($10.)

Our cousins Anna and Leo want you to know that we recently unearthed a ton of these great vintage new old stock egg cartons with cute little chickens on them. Five bucks apiece, minty mint! Cheep, cheep!

The Mystery Spot Record Room, Chock Full O’ Vintage Vinyl

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The Mystery Spot’s record room is looking mighty fine these days. Lots of new vinyl to dig through.