Dittypalooza! presents: Ambrosia Parsley!

The Mystery Spot’s Dittypalooza! is proud to present the Mystery Spot Spot from the one and only Ambrosia Parsley.

Yes, Miss Ambrosia roadies her own gear!

The newest contribution to Dittypalooza! comes from our friend, neighbor and longtime supporter-of-the-Spot Ambrosia Parsley. Her music has been featured in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill (“Goodnight Moon”), she’s been flown to Moscow to perform for a multibajillioniares’ private party, and she’s been profiled in Vanity Fair. She’s also played free concerts on our humble porch (and baked cookies for entire audience),  has single-handedly kept our vintage maxi-dress section in the black, and roadies her own stage gear. But don’t be fooled by her gorgeous face and enchanting voice — the girl cusses like a sailor! So cover your young ones’ ears and take a listen to this latest, greatest, Mystery Spot Ditty:

“The Mystery Spot Spot” by Ambrosia Parsley (listen here)

(Written, produced, performed and recorded by Ambrosia Parsley and a bottle and a half of french rose’ at her kitchen table.)

Says Ambrosia, “We hope this little song of love and devotion will persuade Ms. Laura to stop yelling at me from her perch on the front porch when I walk by, reminding me how my son broke a cereal bowl that once belonged to Moses his self. Such are the things you’ll find at the Spot, the most magical and strange vintage shop on earth (tho if you’re looking for 50s peek-a-boo nighties, you best get up pretty early in the morning, ’cause most make their way to my closet in a flash).”

Ambrosia Parsley of Phoenicia, NY, is a recording artist and songwriter, mother, barber, moonshiner, clothes horse, and now, internationally renowned jingle writer. In the afterglow of this Mystery Spot spot, she hopes to expand her ad pursuits well beyond the vintage horizon, into pest control, maybe furniture liquidation. After serving as the voice and principal songwriter for Shivaree for four records over nearly a decade, Ambrosia is currently at work on her solo debut. Details can be found at www.pledgemusic.com/projects/ambrosiaparsley

Steve Almaas, Phil Hernandez, Ambrosia Parsley and Chris Maxwell's MUSIC FOR FRONT PORCHES concert at The Mystery Spot on Phoenicia's Main Street.

As an extra treat, here’s a little off-the-cuff video we shot of Ambrosia and Chris when they were rehearsing a little song before one of their front porch shows a while back. Guest starring Captain Lou!

Who else has generously penned Odes to The Mystery Spot for Dittypalooza!?

Well, for starters, how about:

Howe Gelb (Giant Sand)

Alessi Laurent-Marke (Alessi’s Ark)

David Fair (Half Japanese)

Ambrosia Parsley (Shivaree)

Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate/Baseball Project)

Holly Miranda

Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan (Uncle Monk)

And there are more surprises yet to come!

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(all photos/video © Laura Levine).

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