Just Released: Steve Wynn’s (Dream Syndicate) “Mystery Spot” Ditty (free download)

Our good pal Steve Wynn immediately hopped on board the Dittypalooza! train to whip up a great little theme song for Mystery Spot Antiques. Steve and Mystery Spot proprietress Laura Levine first met when she photographed the Dream Syndicate on a winter’s night in New York City in 1983. In fact the next night, after their NYC debut at the Mudd Club, there was such a blizzard that the band ended up crashing in her Chinatown apartment. They’ve been great friends ever since.

“Mystery Spot” by Steve Wynn (listen here)

Says Steve….“Necessary confession:  I have yet to visit the mystery spot though I have seen pictures and heard all about it from Laura who has been my pal for more than 30 years.  So, I feel I can connect to the vibe and my song hopefully gets across the feeling of wistful, playful, surprising and, yes, mysterious wonders to be found inside.  I hope to find out if my unseen impressions were in the ballpark when I visit sometime soon.”

Steve Wynn was a founding member of the Dream Syndicate who released the influential debut album “The Days of Wine and Roses” which came out in 1982. He is currently on tour with a reunited version of the band, performing that very album though the full circle has also included a prolific solo career and stops along the way with side projects like The Baseball Project, Danny & Dusty and Gutterball, amongst others.  He lives in Jackson Heights, New York.

You may have heard that the Dream Syndicate is playing their first North American show since 1988 at the Wilco Solid Sound Festival at Mass MOCA this Saturday June 22nd. You’re going, right?

Here’s a photo from our first session (of many to follow over the years), and a more recent photo of Steve next to the original photo at an exhibition of Levine’s work at the Steven Kasher Gallery.

Dream Syndicate, NYC, 1982 (left), Steve Wynn in front of said photograph, 2011 (right). Both photos by Laura Levine.

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