The Night Michael Hurley & Ida Played My Art Opening

Michael Hurley performs at Laura Levine's art opening, May 2008. (photo: Laura Levine)

OK kids, here’s a real treat. In May 2008, I had an show of my bird paintings at the Varga Gallery in Woodstock. I was incredibly honored that my friends Liz Mitchell and Daniel Littleton (otherwise known as Ida) agreed to perform at the opening, and they brought along their good friend Michael Hurley.

What an amazing evening it was! Totally intimate, sweet, incredible music. So Woodstock. My friend Bruce Pross came up from New York to record the show –  here’s Michael Hurley singing Molly Malone/Loch Lomond, accompanied by Dan. Click on this link and prepare to be transported!

p.s. that’s not my artwork pictured above

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