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The Kingston Daily Freeman ran a nifty front-page feature in their weekend Life section on Mystery Spot Antiques and our upcoming Music for Front Porches concert series. Many thanks to reporter Ann Gibbons and photographer Tania Barricklo.There are seven rooms filled with covetable “stuff” — several exclusively of vintage clothing, a room filled with records, another of curated antiquarian and collectors’ books, a rusticalia section and a plasticalia section. Don’t ask — you must see for yourself. It’s just great fun.- Kingston Daily Freeman

Thanks Tania, for a sweet portrait! (Photo credit: Tania Barricklo/Daily Freeman)

The very cool Watershed Post gave a nice shout-out to our front porch music series, with this insightful (and yes, somewhat true) little caveat:The whole performance is just bait, of course, to lure you into the vintagey maw of the Mystery Spot itself, where the largest concentration of knicknacks and de-mothballed treasures in Phoenicia lies in wait.Watershed Post

Photo of the Mystery Spot sign from Field Guide 25/Darbie.

Scoping online, we found a fun tour of Phoenicia and mini-review of the Mystery Spot on Field Guide 35:One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE vintage stores.  This place is jam packed with all kinds of gems.  Clothes, records, books, housewares, collectibles, oddities(?)….pretty much anything and everything you’ve ever wanted.  It’s all curated by proprietress Laura Levine who clearly has an eye for the amazing…and the…umm…unusual.  But no description of mine is going to do this place justice.  You have to go see it for yourself.  And while you’re there give my regards to Petey the Piranha. - Field Guide 35.

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