Now Open for Our Fifteenth Season in Phoenicia, NY! (Weekends only…for now).

Starting this weekend (April 30/May 1) The Mystery Spot is open for the season! And it’s not just any season – it’s our fifteenth!

For now, we’ll be open weekends only until school lets out; after that, we’ll be open five days a week, all summer long.

Our “official” opening is Memorial Day Weekend, but if you’re one of our followers who reads these things, consider these next few weekends our “sneak previews” for those in the know.

We’ve been hoarding vintage nuts and acorns all winter-long, and we have SO MUCH  to bring in….stacks of vinyl records, racks of vintage clothing, antiques, books (including lots of local history, i.e. Delaware County, one county over), Catskills ephemera, mid-century kitchenware, Rusticalia, oddities, vintage costume jewelry, and even Prada shoes (huh?).

Spring Hours:

Saturday 11am – 6pm

Sunday 11am – 5pm

Expect lots of surprises for Year 15!

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