Can You Spot the Spot Tee?

Even though the Mystery Spot T-shirt is only available in very limited quantities, it still manages to turn up in the most unusual and far-flung places. Don’t be surprised if you spot the familiar red and white logo while surfing on a remote beach in Mexico, or trekking in Burma, or checking out the bands at Jazzfest in New Orleans.

Our friends and customers always make a point to pack along their Spot tee when they travel the world and send us photos of themselves hither and yon. The next time you set off on an adventure, be sure to bring along a Spot tee, and send us a snapshot for the blog!

Mystery Spot tee spotted at Jazzfest in New Orleans on killa singer Ambrosia Parsley.

Pilar, Eusebio, Mariana and Sofia on the beach just outside Zihautanejo, Mexico.

Here's Madrilena Mariana's drawing (from memory!) of her family a la Spot.

Eva and her Spot tee emerge from the reeds along the shore in East Hampton.

Kai rocks the Spot tee in Phoenicia.

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