Recent Additions to Homer’s Antique Medical Book Library

We recently acquired a collection of vintage 1930′s and 1940′s medical books from a local physician’s estate. They will be added to our ever-expanding Homer’s Antique Medical Book Collection here at the Mystery Spot. Titles include Gray’s Anatomy (1930), The Diseases of Infants and Children (1935), Text Book of Pathology (1934), Babcock’s Text Book of Surgery (1935), and The Surgical Technic of Abdominal Operations (1946), among others.

A stack of vintage medical books.

We admit a morbid fascination with these types of books, tempered with great respect and more than a little trepidation to even open the pages. The illustrations and photographs inside are for the most part horrifying but one can’t help but look.

We’ve scanned a few of our favorite pages for you, but rest assured we didn’t go to that dark place. You’ll have to see the books themselves to see what we mean. And you will thank us for showing such restraint.

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