Traveling Back in the Mystery Spot Time Machine (2)

Neil Finn of Crowded House dropped by the Mystery Spot a while back and bought all sorts of stuff. He even obliged us with a photo for our archives, muttering something that sounded like“Pineapple Head,” as he graciously posed.

Lovely ingénue Julia Mason recently graduated from the American University of Paris and now interns at the Time Magazine offices in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. She popped across the pond this summer to visit Phoenicia (also known as the Fashion Capitol of the Catskills) where she found this stunning Frank Starr Fifties party dress ($60.). She took it back home to the City of Lights to show those Parisians a thing or two about chic.

Our friend, jazz clarinetist Don Byron (a Mystery Spot regular) took a liking to this cute little vintage Desenex tin ($4.).

Emmy Bunn is a designer for Ralph Lauren Polo and made out like a bandit here at the Mystery Spot! She went home with a mint Sixties Christian Dior faux fur hat ($35.), gorgeous Fifties black and gold brocade cocktail coat ($65.), killer vintage stilettoes with stacked wood spike heels ($45.), a black patent leather purse with lucite chain link handle ($35.) and a signed original oil painting from our personal collection of a Mermaid and King Neptune playing poker under the sea ($45.).

Let’s all say it together: come back soon, Emmy!

It warms the cockles of our heart to know that the kids of today have impeccable musical taste! A quartet of twelve year-old cousins – Audri, Ali, Tessa and Emily – gives a shout-out to their favorite vintage vinyl offerings by Joni, Zeppelin, AC/DC and of course, Janis ($6 – 15).

Funny Boy David Ilku all wrapped up in his latest purchase – early schoolhouse music rolls from 1905. This one is entitled “Nature.” We found a barn full of these wonderful antique children’s musical couplets and are offering them for a mere ten – twenty dollars each!

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