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Vive le Mod! Or in this case, Viva and Tessa le Mod! This Op-Art polka dot Sixties nylon jumpsuit ($34.) fits Viva like a glove, and the mod yellow vinyl handbag ($26.), Fifties yellow straw boater with faux cherries ($24.), and butterscotch Bakelite pendant necklace ($35.) complete the scene.

Tessa shines in this Seventies metallic striped halter minidress ($42.), 60's gold metallic sandals ($25.), silver beaded evening bag ($45.), faux pearl necklace ($12.) and vintage black velvet hat from Best & Co. ($22.). The vintage shades? Also from Le Spot!

Love at first sight. NYC restaurant manager Adreanna Limbach and this baby blue Fifties Lucy dress with oversized collar and four large buttons ($35.) were simply made for each other. And so it came to be that it went home with her. She topped it off with a Fifties vinyl wicker seashell purse ($35.).
Yes, it's true. Super agents Jonathan Tunick and Amy Paul actually did meet at the William Morris Agency when she was working in the mailroom. Now she's an agent at Alliance, and he has his own agency. Amy totally dug this Sixties vinyl covered glitter purse ($42.) and Jonathan left with Carl's Delaware CB Club jacket ($42.) on his back.
Jesse Hartman co-owns the coolest joint in the East Village, Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction , and we were thrilled when he stopped in to the Mystery Spot to pick up some new decor for the club walls. He left with several masterpieces, including this 1955 Brooklyn cityscape in oil signed by Steinhaus ($55.) and this original 1975 still life (?) by Morris Katz ($20.).
  This year The Mystery Spot is proud to unveil our lingerie department, featuring a mind-boggling assortment of 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s vintage slips and negligees. Viva wears a stunning deep indigo lace trimmed vintage slip ($29.) paired with a midnight blue velvet evening bag ($35.) and Tessa a vintage black chiffon Trillium negligee with spaghetti straps ($32.) accented bya beaded black satin clutch ($12.).
What better way to spend Father's Day than a little father and son antiquing in the Catskills? Emmett helps his dad Tom Luciano pick out an unusual brass toned Fifties sputnik ceiling fixture ($175.) which will undoubtedly find a new home at his terrific shop, Historical Materialism, in nearby Hudson, NY.

Viva works this vintage tie-dyed crushed velvet Sixties super-long fringed jacket ($185.) like a true Flower Child.
Vogue's Camilla Nickerson knows good fashion when she sees it, and she wasted no time in zeroing in on this incredible Dorian label 1940's candy-striped taffeta fitted lounging jacket with black velvet trim ($65.) within hours after it had been put out on the racks.

We first met Max Brettschneider (with dad Joe and mom Robin) in the aisles of The Mystery Spot when he was an infant (see previous pages). Now he's three, and has become a connoisseur of fine children's picture books. Why, it's our newest kid's book, Honky-Tonk Heroes & Hillbily Angels! What can we say, the kid's got taste.
Asia looks way too cool for school in this Futuristic mod 70s vintage pink & purple halter dress (with original tags! $45.). She tops if off with a vintage patent leather lime green purse ($28.) and 70s tinted shades ($8.)
Filmmakers Karl Nussbaum (Thanatos & Eros - A Monster Love Story), Matt Harrison (Rhythm Thief), Scott Saunders (The Technical Writer) and David Leonard (editor, Night of the White Pants) popped in for a visit and took an instant liking to our Milton The Monster board game ($38.) and our new illustrated picture book, Honky-Tonk Heroes & Hillbilly Angels ($16. at bookstores everywhere!).
Nick Lanni is an assistant textile designer, originally from Albany, and enjoys trying on vintage lederhosen ($38.) in his spare time.
Artist Beth Reisman and Spot model Ava show off their mod side. Beth took home this terrific Sixties mod floral print Hawaiian sundress ($35.) and Ava a cute 60's pink & white striped girl's dress ($10.) with handmade macrame purse ($14.).
Tessa is angelic in this Edwardian white tafetta garden dress ($55.), beaded purse ($22.) and vintage ivory straw hat with ribbon bow ($12.)

Bob Goldberg took a fancy to our painting of the Collyer Brothers, and treated us to some wonderful accordion music as he strolled the premises of The Mystery Spot. He's the founder and sole proprietor of The Brooklyn Academy of Noise, an all-accordion band which has played cemeteries and non-cemeteries.

Sylvia is the embodiment of Spring in this lovely light-as-air vintage Forties drop-waist yellow flowered dress with velvet trim ($45.), Happy-Go-Lightly sandals ($12.), yellow straw boater with fake cherries ($24.) and vintage paisley purse ($28.)
Ever since his days as a lad growing up in Manchester, England, singer/songwriter Warren Malone has been on a lifelong search for a snappy Sixties suede jacket like the one Dylan wore on the cover of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, and he couldn't believe his luck when he stumbled across this one right here in Phoenica. Needless to say, he snapped it right up ($44.). While he was at it, he also grabbed this sure-fire conversation starter, a portable blowtorch called the SELF-BLO ($10.).

  Time to hit the beach! Viva's ready to go in a vintage rope-strap Empire waist white and pink floral sundress ($35.) and vintage pink head scarf ($5.) and Tessa in a paisley print 70's halter dress with wooden beads ($35.), macrame puka shell choker ($8.) and striped vintage head scarf ($5.).
Author Ray Rizzo (Tropic of Consciousness) lives in a geodesic dome outside of Kingston and he sure knows how to dress! We can't take any credit for his natty look, but we'll take full credit for this awesome NOS 70s corset-topped plaid madras hippie maxi-dress ($55.) which the lovely and studious Heather Ann Speaker did major justice to, and needless to say, took home with her.
  Back for more! Photographer/musician Jeff Stults makes a return trip to Le Spot to pick up a cute blonde that caught his eye last time he visited. This Sixties signed oil on canvas painting of a waif-like girl set him back only $75. Meantime, metalsmith Jason Yoder couldn't pass up this pair of mid-century 60's ceiling lights, a mere $50. for the two.

We love it when we learn something new from our customers! For example, we'd never heard of the designer Mary Blair, but Limited Brands design director Jeremy Tjhung filled us in when he found this mint It's A Small World LP ($10.), which contained an illustrated booklet showing the genius of the woman who designed that attraction, and so much more, for Disney. Meantime, photographer Rob Mandolene stocked up on a sealed Airport 1975 LP ($15.), Romantic Japanese Mandolins ($10.), and a vintage decoupaged owl box purse circa 1968 ($35.).

Nova (6), couldn't contain her excitement when her mom told her she was the proud new owner of this 1950's vintage blue chambray girl's frock with sailor stripes ($32.)


Illustrator Katherine Streeter, musicologist Hank Flick, and Boston Terrier Olive stock up on vintage knitting books from the Seventies ($3. - 5.).
Daria Grace is one of the few baritone ukelele players in New York City, and she's always on the lookout for 1930s sheet music with ukelele parts for her bands, the Jack Grace Band and the Pre-War Ponies. She scored bigtime at Le Spot, leaving with a handful of sheet music ($4 - $5) as well as a bag of other goodies.



Here at The Mystery Spot we have a wide selection of vintage floral print hankerchiefs ($2 - 4.), as modeled most creatively by Io Flower.
Jewelry designer Susan hails from Maine, where as a teenager she participated in the Miss Teen Maine Pageant and the Miss Wild Blueberry Pageant. You can tell she still has her beauty pageant chops down as she models this Seventies MOD WHIRL California geometric print ruffled halter top hostess gown - with original tags! - ($65.), which, yes, went home with her.

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